Why PhD theses...

PhD thesis is the result of years of hard work.

keyword researchMeasured by download count PhD theses are one of the most popular items world wide on open access repositories. But unless a thesis is published, it is very difficult for other researchers to find out about it and get access to it. Theses are often under-used by other researchers. Thesica.org attempts to address this issue by making it easy to identify and locate copies of many theses in various disciplines.


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A Comprehensive Study of the Outskirts of Galaxy Clusters using Suzaku Download (pdf, 3.55 MB)
A Decade of Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer Seyfert Observations: An RXTE Seyfert Spectral Database Download (pdf, 8.04 MB)
A Deep X-Ray Survey of the Lockman Hole Northwest Download (pdf, 4.61 MB)
A Large Survey for Very Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Download (pdf, 36.38 MB)
A Multi-Wavelength Study of Spiral Arm Substructure Download (pdf, 56.98 MB)
A new model of Jupiter’s jet streams and the effects of moist convection Download (pdf, 27.29 MB)
A Spectral Survey of Black Hole Spin in Active Galactic Nuclei Download (pdf, 3.97 MB)
A Study of Cold Gas and Star Formation in Low-Mass Blue-Sequence E/S0s Download (pdf, 9.24 MB)
Accretion onto Black Holes from Large Scales Regulated by Radiative Feedback Download (pdf, 7.74 MB)
An Analysis of the Environment and Gas Content of Luminous Infrared Galaxies Download (pdf, 4.14 MB)
An Efficient Method for Radiation Hydrodynamics in Models of Feedback-Regulated Star Formation Download (pdf, 2.60 MB)
Atmospheres of hot alien worlds Download (pdf, 4.45 MB)
Background simulations and WIMP search with galactic signature dark matter experiments Download (pdf, 6.64 MB)
Bisimulations on planet Kripke Download (pdf, 51.63 MB)
Black Hole Dynamics and Gravitational Radiation in Galactic Nuclei Download (pdf, 7.51 MB)