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A Brief History of the Future of Urban Computing and Locative Media Download (pdf, 1.33 MB)
A critical study of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars: Interests, motives, actions and the makings of a culture of violence Download (pdf, 482 KB)
An objective method for determining reader interest in the content of a newspaper Download (pdf, 4.37 MB)
Assessment of media and communication from a sustainability perspective (2 downloads) Download (pdf, 698 KB)
Autonomous Interactive Intermediaries: Social Intelligence for Mobile Communication Agents (1 download) Download (pdf, 6.01 MB)
Bridging the gap between Open and User Innovation? Exploring the value of Living Labs as a means to structure user contribution and manage distributed innovation Download (pdf, 4.33 MB)
Celebrity, journalism and self-identity Download (pdf, 9.11 MB)
Child Protection in Thailand: Towards an Improved System (1 download) Download (pdf, 1.95 MB)
Choice: An essay on pluralism, value conflicts and decision-making Download (pdf, 2.32 MB)
Citizens and online media participation: Attitudes and motivations towards participatory journalism and other online practices in London and Barcelona Download (pdf, 11.12 MB)
Collaboration, Connections and Consequences – A study of cultural intermediation within the ABC Pool institutional online community Download (pdf, 6.68 MB)
Common factors in reading and speech disabilities Download (pdf, 8.95 MB)
Communities and conservation in West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: Participation, costs and benefits Download (pdf, 4.51 MB)
Community media and civil society: Lessons from the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela Download (pdf, 2.00 MB)
Compensating disadvantageous life events: Social origin differences in the effects of family and sibling characteristics on educational outcomes Download (pdf, 869 KB)