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'Friendship' in macaques: Economics and emotions Download (pdf, 19.91 MB)
A comparison of two theoretical models of procedural justice in the context of child protection proceedings Download (pdf, 980 KB)
A multi-method approach to understanding pain experience using non-pharmacological interventions that target alpha brain activity Download (pdf, 2.68 MB)
ACT process measures : specificity and incremental value Download (pdf, 6.85 MB)
Adherence to physical activity– Psychological aspects in “Prescribed Exercise” and “Motivational counselling” Download (pdf, 2.05 MB)
Anxiety and emotion dysregulation in daily life: An experience-sampling comparison of social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder analogue groups Download (pdf, 486 KB)
Athletes’ Attitudes Toward Seeking Sport Psychology Consultation: Development and Validation of the Sport Psychology Attitudes Questionnaire Download (pdf, 775 KB)
Athletes’ Experiences of Sport Psychology Consultation: Exploring a Multi-Season, Cross Gender Intervention Download (pdf, 1.77 MB)
Characteristics of staff-patient interactions on a behavioral treatment unit for patients with serious mental illness, and the effects of a behavior management training program on staff performance Download (pdf, 514 KB)
Comprehension of health plan language for denial of benefit claims Download (pdf, 613 KB)
Distinguishing civil and criminal institutional deprivations of liberty: An analysis of expressive functions Download (pdf, 871 KB)
Exploring the Influences of Educational Television and Parent-Child Discussions On Improving Children’s Racial Attitudes Download (pdf, 427 KB)
Grooming interactions and cooperation in wild Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus) Download (pdf, 4.70 MB)
Intraindividual variability, gait and falls in old age Download (pdf, 2.76 MB)
Job applicants’ testing and organizational perceptions: The effects of test information and attitude strength (1 download) Download (pdf, 572 KB)