Why PhD theses...

PhD thesis is the result of years of hard work.

keyword researchMeasured by download count PhD theses are one of the most popular items world wide on open access repositories. But unless a thesis is published, it is very difficult for other researchers to find out about it and get access to it. Theses are often under-used by other researchers. Thesica.org attempts to address this issue by making it easy to identify and locate copies of many theses in various disciplines.


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A comprehensive Bayesian approach to gravitational wave astronomy Download (pdf, 3.32 MB)
A measurement of the neutrino magnetic moment at the Bugey nuclear reactor Download (pdf, 2.06 MB)
A new determination of molecular dimensions Download (pdf, 606 KB)
An investigation of cosmic gamma rays (1 download) Download (pdf, 1.94 MB)
Application of the Finite Element Method in Infrared Image Reconstruction of Scattering Media Download (pdf, 25.48 MB)
Aspects of inflation in string theory Download (pdf, 2.69 MB)
Atomic and Molecular Aspects of Astronomical Spectra Download (pdf, 1.98 MB)
Biomedical applications of mid-infrared spectroscopic imaging and multivariate data analysis: Contribution to the understanding of diabetes pathogenesis Download (pdf, 12.55 MB)
Characterisation of a thermal energy storage system developed for indirect solar cooking (1 download) Download (pdf, 11.78 MB)
Characterisation of highly active nuclear waste simulants Download (pdf, 12.59 MB)
Colliding and moving Bose-Einstein condensates: Studies of superfluidity and optical tweezers for condensate transport Download (pdf, 2.81 MB)
Correlations and disorder in electronic systems: From manganites to graphene Download (pdf, 3.10 MB)
Data analysis of continuous gravitational waves Download (pdf, 2.65 MB)
Design and performance of the silicon pixel detector modules for the CMS experiment Download (pdf, 41.50 MB)
Designing Effective Multimedia for Physics Education Download (pdf, 6.12 MB)