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keyword researchMeasured by download count PhD theses are one of the most popular items world wide on open access repositories. But unless a thesis is published, it is very difficult for other researchers to find out about it and get access to it. Theses are often under-used by other researchers. attempts to address this issue by making it easy to identify and locate copies of many theses in various disciplines.


A hierarchy of ramified theories below primitive recursive arithmetic Download (pdf, 638 KB)
A transdisciplinary study on developing knowledge based software tools for wildlife management in Namibia Download (pdf, 4.92 MB)
Aspects of self-gravitating solitons and hairy black holes Download (pdf, 4.03 MB)
Automorphisms and linearisations of computable orderings Download (pdf, 534 KB)
Classification of countable homogeneous 2-graphs Download (pdf, 1.20 MB)
Complexity analysis of some problems in planar graphs, bounded tree-width graphs, and planar point sets Download (pdf, 765 KB)
Complexity upper bounds using permutation group theory Download (pdf, 679 KB)
Computational topology at multiple resolutions: Foundations and applications to fractals and dynamics Download (pdf, 3.52 MB)
Control and synthesis of open reactive systems Download (pdf, 11.69 MB)
Elasticity-fluid coupled systems and elliptic grid generation (EGG) based on first-order system least squares (FOSLS) Download (pdf, 1.13 MB)
Foundations of security protocol analysis Download (pdf, 864 KB)
Graph products of groups Download (pdf, 5.75 MB)
Interacting Stochastic Systems Download (pdf, 1.13 MB)
Jordan groups and homogeneous structures Download (pdf, 906 KB)
Leveraging latent structure in high-dimensional data: Causality, neuroscience, and nonparametrics Download (pdf, 2.78 MB)