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"Absence Supreme": Narrative Strategies in Beckett's Post-Trilogy Prose Download (pdf, 7.83 MB)
"An idiosyncratic scribe". A study of the practice and purpose of rate, the scribe of Bodleian library MS Ashmole 61 Download (pdf, 79.98 MB)
'Infernal God': Byron's religion: its sources, impact & consequences Download (pdf, 68.82 MB)
A quantitative study of spelling variation in William Caxton’s printed texts Download (pdf, 9.76 MB)
A study of the poetry of John Henry Newman Download (pdf, 7.29 MB)
Alterity, religion, and the metaphysics of postmodernism Download (pdf, 20.85 MB)
An edition of the latin and four middle english versions of William Flete’s De remediis contra temptaciones (Remedies against temptations) Download (pdf, 4.59 MB)
An etymological commentary on Cornutus' Epidrome Download (pdf, 45.82 MB)
An historical commentary on Lykourgos against Leokrates Download (pdf, 10.48 MB)
Ancient and contemporary perspectives: Revisits of the Mahabharata (1 download) Download (pdf, 14.07 MB)
Anti-Spanish sentiment in English literary and political writing 1553-1603 (1 download) Download (pdf, 19.20 MB)
Bright star: John Keats and romantic astronomy Download (pdf, 8.57 MB)
Cultural translations: A comparative critical study of Kate Roberts and Virginia Woolf Download (pdf, 18.54 MB)
Detoured, deferred and different: A comparative study of postcolonial diasporic identities in the literary works of Sam Selvon and Weng Nao Download (pdf, 3.59 MB)
Discourse and the Reception of Literature: Problematising 'Reader Response' (1 download) Download (pdf, 2.90 MB)