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A corpus linguistics study of SMS text messaging (1 download) Download (pdf, 3.89 MB)
A lexicographic study of Ulwa Download (pdf, 1.19 MB)
A Logical Approach to Computational Corpus Linguistics Download (pdf, 1.52 MB)
A multimodal analysis of assessment sequences in Chilean Spanish interaction Download (pdf, 2.20 MB)
Assessing animal vocal communication using the Hyperspace Analog to Language (HAL) model Download (pdf, 4.10 MB)
Association with Focus Download (pdf, 116.30 MB)
Clause-internal preposing in late archaic Chinese Download (pdf, 3.32 MB)
Designing, implementing, and evaluating an online resource for professional legal communication skills Download (pdf, 3.18 MB)
Ethnicity and phonetic variation in a San Francisco neighborhood (1 download) Download (pdf, 9.11 MB)
Fast and Accurate Phonetic Spoken Term Detection Download (pdf, 1.40 MB)
From Distributional to Semantic Similarity (1 download) Download (pdf, 919 KB)
Iranian dialectology and dialectometry Download (pdf, 3.40 MB)
Laryngeal Contrast and Phonetic Voicing: A Laboratory Phonology Approach to English, Hungarian, and Dutch Download (pdf, 2.86 MB)
New World Mennonite Low German: An investigating of changes in progress Download (pdf, 8.37 MB)
Phonetic and Phonological Dynamics on Reality Television Download (pdf, 2.03 MB)