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Head of State Immunity in Criminal Law (1 download) Download (pdf, 476 KB)
Human rights of under trial prisoners in Gujarat state Download (pdf, 2.22 MB)
Impact of WTO on Indian (Edible) Oil Seeds Sector and Safeguard Measures Download (pdf, 1.87 MB)
Jurisprudential inquiries between discourse and tradition: Towards the incompleteness of theoretical pictures Download (pdf, 2.22 MB)
Law of foreign investment and its impact on Indian labour Download (pdf, 1.18 MB)
Law of police service in Gujarat Download (pdf, 3.36 MB)
Law relating to Damages for Breach of Contract: An Analytical and Comparative Study of Judicial Trends in India and England (1 download) Download (pdf, 3.64 MB)
Legal implications of Development Control Rules and Regulations for Buildings in Urban Areas of India Download (pdf, 2.16 MB)
Liberalisation, Law and Development Download (pdf, 1.45 MB)
Neighborhood law firms for the poor: A comparative study of recent developments in legal aid and in the legal profession Download (pdf)
Positive obligations in Human Rights Law: The disabilities paradigm shift Download (pdf, 3.14 MB)
Restorative justice and the police: Exploring the institutionalisation of restorative justice in two English forces Download (pdf, 5.17 MB)
Restorative Justice in International Criminal Law: The Rights of Victims in the International Criminal Court Download (pdf, 1.49 MB)
Role of Law on Economic Empowerment of Women Download (pdf, 4.03 MB)
Selective enforcement of EU law: Explaining institutional choice Download (pdf, 2.87 MB)