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The role of national human rights commission, in administration of human rights justice: An analytical study

The role of national human rights commission, in administration of human rights justice: An analytical study


Department of Law, Saurashtra University, Rajkot 364 002, INDIA.


Question always arises its functional ability because its constitution and officials selected by Union Goverment's Institutions or it's heads : No one from this is, a human rights activists or personality. It's autonomy is also some scholars find doubtful because there is no one impartial, independent, public personality, press reporter or human right activist is not appointed as an officer.

Actually, it is successful in some ways or partially. Commission has paid attention on police force, Military forces and prison modification area.

Now : Present research scholar wants to submit some posotive views.

This Constation of human Rights Commission is a step forward towards Human Rights activities. It is a clarification of our fundamental rights quaranteed in our Constitution. By establishing this commission it practillizes article 51's basic requirements, According to 'Directive Priciples to State Policy' the Commission will foster an international peace. It is completely autonomous and independent organisation. It relies on transparency and independency. So, it's recommendations are very important for Goverment of India. It is primary condition for any welfare state to pay attention more on Human Rights.

National Human Rights Commission is not only a 'big post office' or a 'toothless tiger'. But it is also an institution for future generations make them conscious about Human Rights. Now, another opinion of this research student is that Commission should consider complaints related to social and cultural facts.