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Human rights of under trial prisoners in Gujarat state

Human rights of under trial prisoners in Gujarat state
Rajendra Ranjankumar Shukla


Department of Law, Saurashtra University, Rajkot 364 002, INDIA.


Human Rights is a widely and intensively spread phenomena in present days throughout whole society in all the class of people which may be poor or rich, literate or illiterate, victims or administering authorities. Of course the proper and clear conceptual understanding is really not prevailing even in educated masses or Human Rights administering agencies also such as police personnel, prison personnel, judiciary etc. The basic definition, concept, kinds, methods of implementation of Human Rights is also not known to this different crowds, it appears that a group of blind people by touching and feeling an elephant describing and narrating the different body organs of elephant in own language and own fashion and unfortunately all different narrations do not portray the real picture of the elephant. It is the same position of Human Rights that either legislative department, judiciary, police personnel, prison personnel, lawyers and government pleaders all are narrating and describing the Human Rights concepts in own language and after such interpretations they administer them in own fashion which finally results in absolute awkward and absurd dimensions. For real, actual and proper protection and promotion of Human Rights, all these different groups are required to be linked with each other with proper communication, co-ordination and understanding which popularly known in legal language as “consensus ad idem”. It can be compared with playing a melodious music tune with the help of whole orchestra comprises of different artists playing with perfect tuning on different musical instruments having the common and unanimous performance for the same tune. Meaning thereby for the proper melodious sweet tune of Human Rights, all the orchestra players should be trained, educated, communicated and coordinated for unanimous tune.