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The economic ideas of Daniel Defoe Download (pdf, 176.70 MB)
The emergence and evolution of the gay and bisexual male subculture in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1889-2005 Download (pdf, 3.68 MB)
The fabric rolls of Exeter cathedral, 1374 – 1514 Download (pdf, 184.99 MB)
The Gascoigne family, c. 1309-1592: Gentry and identity (1 download) Download (pdf, 14.80 MB)
The Interior Department, War Department and Indian policy, 1865-1887 Download (pdf, 13.84 MB)
The monastery of Montevergine: Its foundation and early development (1118-1210) Download (pdf, 3.81 MB)
The politics of property in a European periphery: The ownership of books, berries, and patents in the Grand Duchy of Finland 1850-1910 Download (pdf, 3.74 MB)
The presentation of politics: The place of party publicity, broadcasting and film in British politics, 1918-1939 Download (pdf, 93.05 MB)
The royal funerary and burial ceremonies of Medieval English Kings, 1216-1509 (1 download) Download (pdf, 1.63 MB)
The society for the propagation of the gospel in foreign parts and the assimilation of foreign protestants in British North America Download (pdf, 5.56 MB)
The spreading depths: Lesbian and bisexual women in English Canada, 1910-1965 Download (pdf, 2.22 MB)
The women agents of the Special Operations Executive F section - wartime realities and post war representations Download (pdf, 4.94 MB)
When middle-class ambition met southern honor: A cultural history of the Leo Frank case Download (pdf, 76.32 MB)
World War I in East Africa 1916-1918 Download (pdf, 26.43 MB)
“Casting a dim religious light”: The stained and painted glass of York Minster, c.1450-1802 - Volumes 1 & 2 Download (pdf, 24.90 MB)