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Peripheral identities in an African state: A history of ethnicity in the Kingdom of Buganda since 1884 Download (pdf, 12.60 MB)
Politics in Leeds 1830-1852 Download (pdf, 23.10 MB)
Queer expertise: Urban policing and the construction of public knowledge about homosexuality, 1920–1970 Download (pdf, 7.51 MB)
Railroads and coal: Resource extraction in Indian territory, 1866-1907 Download (pdf, 2.42 MB)
Reform and Empire: The British and American transnational search for the rights of black people in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries Download (pdf, 779 KB)
Researching North America: Sir Humphrey Gilbert’s 1583 expedition and a reexamination of early modern English colonization in the north Atlantic world Download (pdf, 3.72 MB)
Sir Frank Lascelles: A diplomat of the Victorian empire, 1841-1920 Download (pdf, 13.21 MB)
Sokeright Download (pdf, 31.91 MB)
Some Yorkshire estates of the Percies, 1450-1650 Download (pdf, 83.66 MB)
Spas and seaside resorts in Kent, 1660-1820 Download (pdf, 4.42 MB)
State change in the Punjab: Professional and personal experiences of British civil servants over India's independence and beyond Download (pdf, 1.58 MB)
The auxilia in roman Britain and the two Germanies from Augustus to Caracalla: family, religion and ‘romanization’ Download (pdf, 3.07 MB)
The British-German fight over dismantling: The removal of industrial plants as reparations after the second world war and its political repercussions Download (pdf, 2.97 MB)
The compensation of English coal-miners and their dependants for industrial accidents, 1860-1897 Download (pdf, 17.29 MB)
The contrast between north and south in England, 1918-1939: A study of economic, social and political problems with particular reference to the experience of Burnley, Halifax, Ipswich and Luton Download (pdf, 19.32 MB)