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"Free homes for free men": A political history of the Homestead Act, 1774-1863 Download (pdf, 609 KB)
"Montgomery and his Legions:" A study of operational development, innovation and command in 21st army group, North-West Europe, 1944-45 Download (pdf, 2.71 MB)
"We shall win our freedoms together": African Americans, South Africa and black international protest, 1945-1960 Download (pdf, 20.93 MB)
A catalogue of the Acts of the Lord Edward 1254-1272 Download (pdf, 28.12 MB)
A region at odds: Abortion politics in the Maritime Provinces, 1969-1988 Download (pdf, 1.29 MB)
Acculturation among Swedish immigrants in Kansas and Nebraska, 1870-1900 Download (pdf, 11.59 MB)
ACTION – SOUND: Developing methods and tools to study music-related body movement Download (pdf, 8.09 MB)
Almost a Walker's paradise: A history of the Cradle Mt-Lake St Clair Scenic Reserve to May 1922 Download (pdf, 11.43 MB)
Anglo-Australian Naval relations and co-operation, 1945-1975 Download (pdf, 2.02 MB)
Aspects of agrarian society in Brent Marsh, Somerset, 1500-1700 Download (pdf, 22.25 MB)
Automatic annotation of musical audio for interactive applications Download (pdf, 3.40 MB)
Britain, the Albanian question and the demise of the Ottoman Empire 1876-1914 Download (pdf, 3.39 MB)
British public opinion and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939 Download (pdf, 593.72 MB)
Cattle, environment, and economic change: A history of Cherry County, Nebraska’s cattle industry, from earliest times to 1940 (1 download) Download (pdf, 17.15 MB)
Civic and municipal leadership: A study of three northern towns between 1832 and 1867 Download (pdf, 2.20 MB)