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A diatom-based Late Quaternary precipitation record for lowland tropical South America Download (pdf, 3.54 MB)
A multidecadal climate signal propagating across the northern hemisphere through indices of a synchronized network. Download (pdf, 6.61 MB)
A profile through the Central American landbridge in western Panama: 115 Ma interplay between the Galápagos hotspot and the Central American subduction zone Download (pdf, 3.14 MB)
A receiver function study of southern Costa Rica: Indications of steep Cocos Ridge subduction Download (pdf, 31.12 MB)
A stable isotope approach to Neotropical Cloud Forest paleoclimatology Download (pdf, 2.97 MB)
Aerosol effects on cloud-precipitation and land-surface processes (1 download) Download (pdf, 3.89 MB)
Age and tectonic evolution of the Amdo basement: Implications for development of the Tibetan plateau and Gondwana paleogeography Download (pdf, 12.09 MB)
Air pollution modelling over complex topography Download (pdf, 11.30 MB)
Alternative metrics for measuring heating trends, with possible connections between the surface and troposphere Download (pdf, 7.91 MB)
Ambiguity resolution with precise point positioning Download (pdf, 10.13 MB)
An investigation of GNSS radio occultation atmospheric sounding technique for Australian meteorology Download (pdf, 5.72 MB)
An investigation of lithospheric structure and evolution in convergent orogenic systems using seismic receiver functions and surface wave analysis Download (pdf, 4.28 MB)
An investigation of the effects of topography on Colorado Front Range winter storms Download (pdf, 8.22 MB)
Analysis of eruptive and seismic sequences to improve the short- and long-term eruption forecasting Download (pdf, 3.79 MB)
Analysis of radial growth patterns of strip-bark and whole-bark bristlecone pine trees in the white mountains of California: Implications in paleoclimatology and archaeology of the Great Basin Download (pdf, 6.71 MB)