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Performing practices in late-nineteenth-century piano playing: Implications of the relationship between written texts and early recordings Download (pdf, 49.73 MB)
Piano playing in the German tradition, 1840-1900: Rediscovering the un-notated conventions of performance Download (pdf, 18.17 MB)
Pitch organisation in the music of Witold Lutoslawski since 1979 Download (pdf, 20.68 MB)
Portfolio of original compositions with written commentary Download (pdf, 2.89 MB)
Postcolonial unions: The queer national romance in film and literature (2 downloads) Download (pdf, 622 KB)
Routine investigations: Expanding the language of improvisation through interdisciplinary interaction Download (pdf, 4.70 MB)
Sparks to signals: Literature, science, and wireless technology, 1800–1930 Download (pdf, 1.71 MB)
Stand up and be (en) countered: Resistance in solo stand-up performance by Northern English women marginalised on the basis of gender, class and regional identity Download (pdf, 1.42 MB)
Stylistic fusion in a postmodern context Download (pdf, 8.14 MB)
Thai cinema as national cinema: An evaluative history (2 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.85 MB)
The consort suite in the German-speaking lands (1660-1705) Download (pdf, 65.15 MB)
The drama of Ahmed Yerima: Studies in Nigerian theatre (3 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.45 MB)
The effects of musical tempo and non-invasive neuromodulation on autonomic control of the heart Download (pdf, 14.40 MB)
The experience of writing a practice-based thesis in Fine Art and Design (3 downloads) Download (pdf, 26.39 MB)
The guitar works of Stephen Dodgson Download (pdf, 12.43 MB)