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A computer controlled quenching simulator for observing phase transformation kinetics in metals by electrical resistance measurements Download (pdf, 16.94 MB)
A critical reappraisal of some problems in engineering seismology Download (pdf, 12.37 MB)
A critical reappraisal of some problems in engineering seismology Download (pdf, 12.37 MB)
A framework to evaluate critically the health and safety strategies in supply chains in the UK Download (pdf, 4.16 MB)
A picosecond optoelectronic cross correlator using a gain modulated avalanche photodiode for measuring the impulse response of tissue Download (pdf, 3.17 MB)
A quest for high-performance peer-to-peer live multimedia streaming Download (pdf, 3.16 MB)
A study of fracture in brittle laminar composites that contain weak interlayers Download (pdf, 131.39 MB)
Advanced source/drain technologies for nanoscale CMOS Download (pdf, 5.25 MB)
Air charge estimation in turbocharged spark ignition engines Download (pdf, 4.35 MB)
An investigation into the use of coated vanadium alloys for the purpose of hydrogen separation Download (pdf, 4.09 MB)
An investigation of melt modulation science for enhanced polymer product manufacturing Download (pdf, 8.97 MB)
Analysis and design of FRP-reinforced indeterminate structures Download (pdf, 35.44 MB)
Analysis and evaluation of mechanical performance of reinforced sandwich structures: X-CorTM and K-CorTM Download (pdf, 16.31 MB)
Analytical and experimental study of horizontally curved steel bridge girders with tubular top flanges Download (pdf, 24.96 MB)
Applications of balanced incomplete block designs to communication systems Download (pdf, 8.26 MB)