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(Re)Contextualizing cultural and linguistic boundaries in multinational corporations: A global ethnographic approach Download (pdf, 943 KB)
A comparative study of the impact of globalisation on the development of Bangladesh and Tanzania Download (pdf, 1.23 MB)
A study of the economic effects of the Punjab canal colonies Download (pdf, 10.68 MB)
An examination and analysis of bank corporate governance regulation in The Gambia: A grounded theory approach Download (pdf, 3.79 MB)
An investigation into the drivers, barriers and policy implications of circular economy using a mixed-mode research approach Download (pdf, 4.99 MB)
Bank regulation in a post-financial crisis landscape: Essays of the interaction between financial institutions Download (pdf, 5.38 MB)
Bi-directional work to life conflict: An investigation of work-life balance for nurses in acute public hospital settings in Ireland (2 downloads) Download (pdf, 4.81 MB)
Career progression in small- and medium-sized law firms: Experiences of a diverse workforce Download (pdf, 2.25 MB)
China’s labour market transition: Labour mobility and wages (1 download) Download (pdf, 835 KB)
Contributions regarding the improvement of enterprises’ management from clothing industry Download (pdf, 242 KB)
Conventional and more recent theories of the balance of payments with special regard to the Danish capital account Download (pdf, 17.34 MB)
Cost and policy implications of agricultural pollution with special reference to pesticides Download (pdf, 15.27 MB)
Decentralization in Venezuela and citizen participation in local government: The case of local councils for public planning and the communal councils Download (pdf, 2.93 MB)
Disciplining creativity: Social mechanisms and human resource management practices in creativity-driven organizations Download (pdf, 704 KB)
Economic and social change in the communities of the wetlands of Chobe and Ngamiland, with special reference to the period since 1960 Download (pdf, 4.00 MB)