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1H NMR-based metabolomics for elucidating the mode of action of contaminants in the earthworm Eisenia fetida after sub-lethal exposure (3 downloads) Download (pdf, 6.49 MB)
An optical emission spectroscopic study of laser-induced Zn and ZnO plasma Download (pdf, 6.28 MB)
Application of the stereodivergent oxy-Michael cyclisation to the synthesis of natural products and organocatalytic asymmetric aldol reactions in water Download (pdf, 12.48 MB)
Applications of NMR to study structures of natural compounds Download (pdf, 1.57 MB)
Catalysis by modified pillared clays and porous clay heterostructures (1 download) Download (pdf, 6.30 MB)
Characterisation of the morphological and surface properties of organic micro-crystalline particles Download (pdf, 6.04 MB)
Characterisation of the physical chemical processes using the fractal and harmonic analysis (2 downloads) Download (pdf, 3.04 MB)
Chemistry in the ISM and disks on the verge of planet formation Download (pdf, 3.47 MB)
Computation aided design in molecular nanotechnology Download (pdf, 12.77 MB)
Construction of a molecular beam mass spectrometer for in-situ probing of a Diamond Chemical Vapour deposition environment Download (pdf, 9.12 MB)
Deposition of nanocrystalline diamond films by MW plasma CVD & Gas-phase diagnostics using in-situ molecular-beam mass spectrometry and emission spectroscopy Download (pdf, 28.75 MB)
Development of innovative analytical procedures for the identification of organic colorants of interest in Art and Archaeology Download (pdf, 3.70 MB)
Development of novel controllable hydrogen sulfide donors Download (pdf, 7.87 MB)
Developments towards time-resolved electron diffraction: Roadmap to “molecular movies” Download (pdf, 13.49 MB)
Electronic absorption spectra from first principles Download (pdf, 12.19 MB)