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"The Queen Root of This Clime": Ethnoecological Investigations of Blue Camas (Camassia leichtlinii (Baker) Wats., C. quamash (Pursh) Greene; Liliaceae) and its Landscapes on Southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia Download (pdf, 14.31 MB)
A bioinformatics approach to (intra- ) genome comparisons Download (pdf, 5.38 MB)
A data-intensive assessment of the species-abundance distribution Download (pdf, 1.77 MB)
A large-scale inventory of liana diversity and distribution in tropical forests of southern Eastern Ghats, India Download (pdf, 5.40 MB)
A monodominant rain forest on Maraca Island, Roraima, Brazil: Forest structure and dynamics Download (pdf, 14.93 MB)
A proteomics investigation of anchored PKA-RI signaling Download (pdf, 10.12 MB)
A risk assessment and SEIR model of Rift Valley fever virus in the state of Florida  Download (pdf, 2.72 MB)
A study of the Ixodid ticks of northern Florida, including the biology and life history of Ixodes scapularis Say (Ixodidae: Acarina) Download (pdf, 7.97 MB)
A taxonomic revision of the family Lauraceae from south India (1 download) Download (pdf, 3.58 MB)
A total synthesis approach towards a novel furoquinolinone natural product isolated from the Rutaceae family Download (pdf, 10.19 MB)
African lion (Panthera leo) behavior, monitoring, and survival in human-dominated landscapes (11 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 1.87 MB)
An assessment of non-timber forest products certification in Western Ghats, Kerala - a multi-stakeholder study Download (pdf, 10.75 MB)
An evolutionary study of the fern Asplenium trichomanes Download (pdf, 15.75 MB)
An investigation into the origin and nature of some organic deposits of the Ingleborough region Download (pdf, 11.34 MB)
At sea ecology of Weddell seals in east Antarctica in relation with environmental physical parameters Download (pdf, 8.00 MB)