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Our breaths we take: Outdoor air quality, health, and climate change consequences of household heating and cooking with solid fuels Download (pdf, 1.84 MB)
Physiological and environmental constraints to winter forage crops production Download (pdf, 3.22 MB)
Population dynamics of Triticum mosaic virus in various host species Download (pdf, 1.33 MB)
Population genetics in biological control: Cryptic species, host-associations, and the geographic mosaic of coevolution Download (pdf, 4.23 MB)
Prediction models of soil organic carbon and bulk density of arable mineral soils Download (pdf, 4.71 MB)
Process options for the treatment of humic rich waters Download (pdf, 2.45 MB)
QTL mapping reveals constitutive and adaptive genomic regions for drought tolerance in tropical maize (Zea mays L.) Download (pdf, 1.47 MB)
Rainfed agriculture and climatic variability in Oaxaca, Mexico Download (pdf, 3.27 MB)
Regional sustainability planning by metropolitan planning organizations Download (pdf, 2.31 MB)
Regulation and risk assessment of nanomaterials – Too little, too late? Download (pdf, 1.71 MB)
Risk management for drinking water supplies in developing countries – The influence of culture on water safety plans Download (pdf, 3.34 MB)
Some cytotaxonomic problems in the fern genera Asplenium and Polystichum Download (pdf, 6.44 MB)
Spatial and temporal variation of inundation in the Okavango Delta, Botswana; with special reference to areas used for flood recession cultivation Download (pdf, 23.07 MB)
Studies on the effect of dates of planting, plant geometry and number of seedlings per hill in hybrid rice (Oryza Sativa L.) Download (pdf, 692 KB)
Territoriality, resistance and indigenous development in protected areas: A political ecology analysis of Truku people in eastern Taiwan Download (pdf, 2.66 MB)