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Genetic characterisation of agronomic and morphological traits and the development of DNA markers associated with total glycoalkaloid content in the tubers of tetraploid potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) (1 download) Download (pdf, 1.51 MB)
Heterogeneity within Indian cities: Methods for empirical analysis Download (pdf, 13.90 MB)
How can speed enforcement be made more effective? An investigation into the effect of police presence, speed awareness training and roadside publicity on drivers’ choice of speed Download (pdf, 7.22 MB)
Integrating surface water management in urban and regional planning: Case study of Wuhan in China Download (pdf, 11.55 MB)
Interspecific and size-dependent variation in carbon concentration and wood chemical traits of tropical trees Download (pdf, 34.92 MB)
Investigating leadership characteristics and attitudes toward creativity according to agency context for agriculture extension agents in Uruguay Download (pdf, 2.33 MB)
Investigating the impact of fires on atmospheric composition using reactive gas and aerosol assimilation Download (pdf, 18.08 MB)
James Joyce and his Early Church: The art of schism and heresy Download (pdf, 689 KB)
Knowledge and capacity development in public water management in Indonesia and the Netherlands Download (pdf, 5.32 MB)
Lake Victoria wetlands and the ecology of the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus Linné Download (pdf, 12.01 MB)
Livelihood, land use and environment interactions in the highlands of East Africa Download (pdf, 1011 KB)
Low-lying agricultural peatland sustainability under managed water regimes Download (pdf, 3.39 MB)
Measuring sustainability in the Russian Arctic: An interdisciplinary study (3 downloads) Download (pdf, 1.83 MB)
Nutrient management for sunflower production Download (pdf, 1.17 MB)
Nutrients valorisation via Duckweed-based wastewater treatment and aquaculture Download (pdf, 10.43 MB)